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A new concept in business growth development and funding …


If you are a small growing business and you want advice about how to attract finance, development and support, where would you go?

Maybe you would speak to your accountant, bank manager, your friends and anyone who might be able to help.

You will not find one organisation that could provide you with everything you need including financial support.

The government has recognised this problem and has made many attempts at trying to solve it, spending large sums on grants, Business Link and Development Agencies.

Although there has been partial success in specific areas, nothing has evolved from these entities to provide the comprehensive service that small businesses are really looking for, or at a cost that offers real value for money.

It is very important for entrepreneurs to know, that when they need advice and money, there is an organisation they can approach ready to provide what they want, when it is needed.

Venture Beyond has been created to be there for any small company wishing to grow whether it is for business development, working capital finance or equity investment.

The company must be generating sales or have contracts to deliver a product or service to utilise the facilities of Venture Beyond, which will incorporate taking over or monitoring closely the financial control, bringing in management expertise when needed and working closely with the senior management of the enterprise to plan and develop the business. If extra funding is required at this stage, a fully monitored bank facility will be arranged and equity funding will be provided to allow the company to expand as the revenue increases when the time is right, subject to the company meeting Venture Beyond criteria.

Full advantage is taken of the technology available to implement and monitor the financial controls. A non-executive director is appointed who will act as main coordinator between Venture Beyond and the company.

Once the working relationship has been established, it is very unlikely that many of the problems small growing businesses encounter will occur, since the monitoring system employed will highlight them and allow correction to take place long before they become serious.

Should difficulties arise, the specialists are brought in to work alongside the company directors and recommend solutions to correct the situation, which could require extra funding if necessary.

This is very much a hands-on relationship, which takes over many of the burdens entrepreneurs have little experience to manage properly, without detracting from the natural flair they have to develop the opportunity they have created in the first place.

Venture Beyond can offer the full management support and the monitored working capital finance facility in association with a select group of banks and other lenders.

The directors of Venture Beyond and the investors manage the equity fund to support the companies utilising the facilities to allow them to progress into rapidly growing businesses with proper management and financial control.

This comprehensive approach to small company development and financing will transform the attitude of the financial community to accept that finally there is a way to support these businesses without the risks that have been considered too great in the past starting a new phase of investment for the SME sector.

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