Some Interesting facts about Text Messaging

UK is now texting more than talking

Mobile voice calls in decline for the first time ever, as more switch to text and online communications

Newer ways of communicating led by 16-24s, with texting and social networking more frequently used than either phone calls or face to face communications

The average Briton now sends 50 texts per week

Two fifths of UK adults now own a smartphone, with the same proportion saying their phone is the most important device for accessing the internet

Tablet ownership has jumped from 2% to 11% in 12 months read more

WEEKLY COMMENT 16-11-2012 By Barry Edwards

The American presidential elections produced the expected result and have created the predicted further uncertainty in financial markets mainly because of the stalemate in congress which is still controlled by the Republican Party.
In effect, this means the Democrats and Republicans have to agree on the budget for America for the next year, referred to as the ‘fiscal cliff’, which is causing reservations amongst investors who have little faith in compromise being achieved before the final hour.
The USA government cannot increase the amount of government bonds that can be issued without the consent of Congress. Therefore, before permission can be given to the USA Treasury to instruct the Federal Reserve (the central bank) to issue bonds to cover the fiscal deficit, agreement must be reached. The fiscal deficit is the difference between the amount of tax raised and the forecast expenditure by government for the next fiscal year which for 2013 is estimated to be about $1000 billion.
You might say ‘well what has that got to do with us here in the UK?’ The reason is that the USA economy is still the largest in the world and does have an effect around the world purely by the impact of the purchasing power of government and business that affects all other countries worldwide.
Although the emerging market economies are expanding, they are still partly dependent on American imports to maintain that growth. Any doubt about this is reflected in financial markets and depresses confidence.
In Europe, the USA election has not changed anything dramatically; however public reaction to the austerity being imposed in the Mediterranean countries is beginning to dominate the news causing concern for the politicians. We will have to see whether this resistance to the severe government cutbacks becomes more intense to make a judgement on the effect it will have on decision making and the survival of the Euro itself.
That is a brief summary of the markets and the general economic situation in the last week. read more

Venture Beyond

A new concept in business growth development and funding …


If you are a small growing business and you want advice about how to attract finance, development and support, where would you go?

Maybe you would speak to your accountant, bank manager, your friends and anyone who might be able to help.

You will not find one organisation that could provide you with everything you need including financial support.

The government has recognised this problem and has made many attempts at trying to solve it, spending large sums on grants, Business Link and Development Agencies. read more

The Exploits of Starsky

The Exploits of Starsky

The Blackbird and the Black Widow

This is a story of a cat trying to sleep peacefully in the sun lying on the warm earth out of the way of everyone causing no disturbance.

Before we get into the story, it is important to explain that the Black Widow is a water pistol and not the venomous North American spider of which the female devours the male after mating. A trait that has not been adopted widely by the human race or cats; a great advantage mammals have over male spiders! read more

The Economic Growth Plan


By Barry Edwards


All the commentators and advisors writing about the banking and government debt crisis make reference to the vital part of the solution to the problem being a suitable economic growth plan to stimulate business activity.

Although the solution is agreed unanimously, there is no proposal presented by anyone explaining how this can be done.

The discussion is currently dominated by the Euro zone survival, banking solvency and budget deficit problems mainly in Europe and the USA. The politicians are beginning to work through a plan that may finally resolve these crises. read more


By Barry Edwards

Hurricane Sandy has dominated the news this week moving any financial announcements out of the headlines except the report by Michael Heseltine which was presented to the government and announced to the press on Wednesday (31 October 2012).

The full report is 233 pages long and is full of research and statistical information supporting the main recommendations, the Financial Times has published a summary of it. Their brief synopsis is set out below.

Growth. Need for long-term vision. He calls for a long-term growth strategy and a National Growth Council, chaired by the prime minister, senior ministers and government advisors. read more

Welcome to the Txtreme Business Forum

A General Overview

The primary purpose of The Txtreme Business Forum is for everyone to be able to discuss their experiences and learn the most effective methods of using this SMS communication system.
The intricacies of marketing and the success achieved vary tremendously for all different kinds of businesses because the ultimate objectives are very different.

Some customers use the Txtreme site purely for getting information to people concerning financial news, work schedules or appointments which does not have any selling involved. Others are promoting or offering discounts on products that are available for short periods and need a quick response. read more