By Barry Edwards

Hurricane Sandy has dominated the news this week moving any financial announcements out of the headlines except the report by Michael Heseltine which was presented to the government and announced to the press on Wednesday (31 October 2012).

The full report is 233 pages long and is full of research and statistical information supporting the main recommendations, the Financial Times has published a summary of it. Their brief synopsis is set out below.

Growth. Need for long-term vision. He calls for a long-term growth strategy and a National Growth Council, chaired by the prime minister, senior ministers and government advisors. read more

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A General Overview

The primary purpose of The Txtreme Business Forum is for everyone to be able to discuss their experiences and learn the most effective methods of using this SMS communication system.
The intricacies of marketing and the success achieved vary tremendously for all different kinds of businesses because the ultimate objectives are very different.

Some customers use the Txtreme site purely for getting information to people concerning financial news, work schedules or appointments which does not have any selling involved. Others are promoting or offering discounts on products that are available for short periods and need a quick response. read more