The Launch of New Services by Txtreme


By Barry Edwards

The Launch of New Services by Txtreme

In previous weekly comments I have mentioned that Txtreme is expanding the range of services that it can offer to its customers. The main purpose behind the extra services is to provide a range of facilities that enhance the marketing capability of our customers. Text messaging is being adopted by companies as the preferred method of communicating with their customers or clients.

In the past the service was used mainly by young people as a free method of communicating but now the social media sites have become the preferred channel leaving the capacity of the Short Message Service (SMS) system as a business information and communicating service which will always reach the customer anywhere in the world. Nowadays it is used to remind people of appointments, make special offers to known customers and a whole range of other information services.

The important point of SMS is that people select to receive the information since they must give out their mobile/cell numbers to the company before they receive text messages. In general, if you do not allow businesses you deal with to share your details, you will not get unwanted texts. Since all phones, not just smart phones have text messaging capability so everyone can receive a text wherever they are, which is attractive to companies.

Communication technology is moving forward at such a pace that the methods available to companies to communicate allow them to personalise the way they do this in conjunction with the customer. Companies can offer a whole range of methods from which the customer can select giving a very personal connection between buyer and seller. It is the opinion of many in the telecommunications business that SMS will be the preferred choice of customers to receive information in ways not possible a few years ago.

Txtreme has decided to provide the capability to the companies using the facility to take advantage of these new technologies. Txtreme has put together a team of IT specialists to advise and then implement the systems and bespoke software which can be utilised by its customers to improve the effectiveness of their SMS marketing strategy. This is aimed especially at SME’s since it is essential that SME’s have a sound IT infrastructure in place otherwise they cannot compete in the competitive business environment. SME’s are migrating onto the Web at an astonishing rate and making their online presence a higher priority than in earlier years.

While every small business has now recognized the need for having a solid IT infrastructure, many do not know where to start, how much it will cost, or even how it will benefit their company. There is an increasing trend in businesses of all sizes to take a more active role in implementing and considering new approaches to software technologies. Companies are more open to experimentation and trial as a way to develop new ideas to stay far more up-to-date with the latest trends to keep a competitive edge.

Internet capabilities have improved dramatically over the last 5 years as speed increases have been and are continuing to be rolled out nationwide. This has opened up new opportunities for conducting business in today’s economy. Txtreme has decided to take advantage of this by providing solutions including web browser access, web portals for customers and suppliers, mobile technologies with smart phones and tablets, e-commerce capabilities with text messaging.

An important market trend right now is the one toward aggressive online, website and text marketing with SEO and social media management. Although many small businesses are still waiting to gain a proper Internet presence, those who already have are beginning to look for more options by improving their existing efforts. Txtreme believes that in the upcoming years, small companies especially, will start to look for more ways to increase the traffic to their websites. An important feature of the Txtreme facility is the capability to send emails in conjunction with text messages helping to increase website traffic.

Another important trend is the overall merging of daily business operations with the Internet and World Wide Web. Just as the majority of large companies have already started to use the Web to handle interoffice tasks, we believe that many smaller companies will begin to realize the time and money saving advantages to this strategy.

When a company is investing in IT technology, careful thought must be given to the business strategy in order that the investment in IT fully compliments the future plans. Many SME’s need advice about strategy and to make sure that they can access this expertise Txtreme has linked up with Venture Beyond (VB) to provide a complete range of support in conjunction with the IT investment; this also includes raising finance (read about VB in the categories section in the right hand column of this page). Depending on the stage of development of the SME, financial control can be provided together with advice and monitoring to fill in the gaps many SME’s have in their overall experience.

Txtreme strongly believes that SME’s need good access to professional advice and IT technology at the right price to have the impact on the market in which they operate. This has not been an easy task for SME’s in the past; Txtreme can now offer a reliable service for business marketing and development supported by cost effective IT investment.

That’s all for this week, more observations next week.