Welcome to the Txtreme Business Forum

A General Overview

The primary purpose of The Txtreme Business Forum is for everyone to be able to discuss their experiences and learn the most effective methods of using this SMS communication system.
The intricacies of marketing and the success achieved vary tremendously for all different kinds of businesses because the ultimate objectives are very different.
Some customers use the Txtreme site purely for getting information to people concerning financial news, work schedules or appointments which does not have any selling involved. Others are promoting or offering discounts on products that are available for short periods and need a quick response.
One thing is for sure, many companies are finding it is the only way to be certain that their customers receive the information and it is possible to see whether the message has been received or not.
Whatever the reasons for using text messaging, the Txtreme Business Forum (TBF) is here to help and guide people to use it with the benefit of other people’s experiences and problems encountered.
Another purpose of this forum is to help companies’ access information about developing, marketing and expanding their businesses. You will be able to read and share various papers on new ideas and advice on specific aspects of running a company. You will be able to ask questions of the panel of experts and advisors about any problem you may have which you do not have the experience to solve using the question and answers section. If you need further help and advice you can make arrangements for one of the panel to visit and help you implement any plan that has been agreed.
 The TBF will post comments and suggestions from time to time about any matter that has topical interest by anyone who has a valid point to make for open discussion with anyone who wishes to participate. The subject can be anything that could have an impact on businesses and economies anywhere in the world.
Regular comment will be posted about the current political, economic and financial state of affairs and it is hoped this will become a useful analysis and information point for those that do not have the time to read published comment about current concerns.
 There is also a section for amusing and interesting stories that anyone chooses to share with the TBF called the Aside line.
Generally, it is hoped the TBF will be a useful and sometimes amusing experience for all those who get involved and on occasion prove to be truly helpful for all matters concerning business management and life in general.
 If you have any suggestions to improve the TBF, please let us know by using the Comments and Suggestions box on the right hand side of the page.

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